Boris' Apology

Boris Johnson, who is usually the thinking man's Tory, put his foot in it big time this week with an ill-advised article in the spectator. Essentially he used an editorial to dismiss Liverpudlians as being people who 'wallow' in 'victim status', and claiming that the response to Ken Bigley was disproportionate. (Personally, it doesn't seem that bad!)

Today he's made an interesting post on his webpage which apologises and explains what went on behind the editorial. He makes some good points in the article, such as 'I still think it worth saying that it is a sad truth that tumultuous displays of grief, like those we saw for Ken Bigley, will tend to encourage the Islamic terrorists, because they increase the political value of each kidnapping and murder'

Boriswatch has some commentry upon this, as does the FT, who describe Boris as Boris Johnson, editor of The Spectator, MP for Henley, Tory spokesman on culture, general good egg and TV star