POW Notification

POW notifcation postcard

This is the POW notification that my great grandmother was sent upon my Grandad's capture.

There is much writing on the card. Starting with the front, at the top right it says Franc de Port, and underneath in pencil is written 'A B'.

There is a large blue censors stamp, this shows the crown, and carries the words 'Passed by censor T.53'

There is a stamp for the red cross, Comite International de la Croix Rouge - Genève. This is a faded double stamp, and so difficult to read.

There is a handwritten address: 'Mrs Swan' (my great grandmother), '41 Arngash Road, Catford, London, S. E. 6 England'

On the left is some information in French and English

Comité International de la Croix-Rought : International Red Cross Committee

Comité International de la Croix-Rought : International Red Cross Committee

Agence Centrale des Prisonniers de Guerre : Prisoners of War Central Information Agency

Genève (Suisse) : Geneva (Switzerland)

On the reverse of the card we find some detail.

At the top left, Ref. No RBO 4413, and the top right, 242 b-bis

The card continues:

Geneva, 19-6-40

Dear Madam, (Sir)

We beg to inform you that we have received a card dated 10-6-40 from the STALAG XX A GERMANY advising us that SWAN Sidney-Robert fusilier 6914956 Born 16-2-19 is interned in that camp.

From now on you can send letters to the above mentioned prisoner of war to the address given, adding the following "Kriegsgefangenenpost" (prisoners of war post) and "Gebührenfrei" (free of postal charges).

Yours Faithfully.

In addition to this message there is a handwritten remark, "he is well" as well as a stamp, in red, Comité International de la Croix Rouge. Agence centrale des prisonniers de guerre. GENÈVE

I still find it incredible that in the horrors of WW2, the Red Cross could function as well as it did. A wonderful organisation.