Inconsiderate Driving

Further to my previous rant, I've started to be niggled at the recent changes to the Highway Code that nobody seems to have bothered to tell me about. For example, when I learned to drive, not that long ago, it was the job of traffic coming down a slip road to match the speed of the main flow of traffic and slip in.

A couple of years ago this seemed to change overnight. We now seem to have adopted the French 'Priorité à droite', except its 'Priorité à gauche' and it now seems to be the job of the traffic on the main highway to get the hell out of the way. So much so that people driving along will cut up people in the inside lanes trying to clear space.


On the theme of driving, I'm finding myself particularly annoyed at people flashing their lights at me. This should mean simply 'I am here', but people also use it to mean 'Please, you first', 'I'm here, me first', 'I'm annoyed', 'Hello', 'Get out of my way you hairy git' or indeed any other meaning. I find that I am sometimes waiting to make a turn, and someone stops and starts flashing me. In my judgement it is not safe to turn, as I can see hazards which they cannot from their vantage point .... and then they get visibly annoyed as if it is a personal snub that I don't immediately move into oncoming traffic or run over that small child.