Deadline imminent

Oh dear. By Friday I have to have submitted my final essay for the short OU course I've been doing. The course is A172 essay writing.

It's only a short course, so in the scheme of things isn't that important, however I will not be happy if I miss the deadline.

I've found myself behind for various reasons, and have not caught up yet. Others should now have finished the course and will be starting their essays. I'm now roughly where I should have been a month ago. Things have happened this summer.


No problem - set aside the whole weekend and cram... or rather... write. Study away. I've cleared desks enough to do that.

The trouble is that I've been getting late nights all week, and so now am feeling dog tired, and hence unable to sit and study with any effectiveness. I can do everyday sort of things, read mail, write this - but new information is something else.

I therefore have a choice. Do I just push on - at the risk of being ineffective? Do I take some time for R&R to try and wake myself up - at the risk of running out of time?

Or do I accept that the course doesn't matter, and not submit? I have all the resources from the course, so the point of the course isn't lost - but I won't get that final feedback. However, will the final feedback be worth anything if it's based upon stuff that is crammed or less crammed but done when tired.

The latter is a bit of anathema to me, so it'll likely be one of the others. I don't like this.

I've never been someone who has found themselves in this position with academic stuff. I don't like it.

In November, the French course begins, L192.

This does matter to me - but it's more spread out, so getting out of step by a few weeks is undesirable but ultimately recoverable. The way my life is I'll tend to go ahead at some points of the year to be caught up at other points. The trouble with the short course is that whilst most of it fell at a 'zoom ahead' time, things happened which meant that I couldn't take advantage, and now its a 'go slow' time. Part of the difficulty is that the 'essay writing' course has a final essay which has been set in an area where I have zero interest - the Victorians. I'm looking at this as a good thing(!) as it means that at least I'll be concise.