The continuing development

I've been making places to put various sub-sites such as 'The Beginner's Guide to Cryptography' and ''. These have been integrated so that summaries appear on this page. At the moment all the sites looks similar, which is nice - I want a similar look and feel across the board. However I don't want them to be identical, so in the fullness of time I will be changing certain things - I think this will simply be the colour scheme and some of the graphics. I won't bother with this until after the DNS has gone through, I think. It's all quite exciting - it looks good from here! I am hoping that I will be able to bring in my LJ RSS feed into the page as well. I can do this easily enough with RSS, but I'd much rather do it with SSI as it is a lot more reliable cross-platform.

I'm torn between getting the DNS underway, and getting a little more content in place - as once the DNS changes occur it'll be a little harder to view the old site (as it relied so heavily upon HTML fragments which were assembled at the point of delivery) - the content is spread over my hard drive!