Kill Bill Vol 2

Yesterday we went to see Kill Bill Volume 2. Thoroughly enjoyed it, excellent film. Warning, spoilers are present, I've given the shape of the film (for my own memory aide) but have skipped the nitty gritty detail).

The film opens with the same shot of Uma as the first film, broken and battered. It reminds us of the reason for her quest. After an introduction from Uma, we see what went on in that Wedding Chapel and Sam Jackson makes his brief appearance as 'Rufus'.

At this stage, the Bride is calling herself Arlene. Bill arrives at the chapel, and it's not clear whether he will bless or condemn (though we know which!)

The film continues on with Bud (Michael Madsen), who is Bill's brother. Bud is white trash living in a trailer. He's trying to 'go straight' and is working as a bouncer in a local strip joint.

He gets the better of Uma, and places her in a rather tricky position. We then cut to Bill and The Bride in earlier times, as Bill sends her to Pai Mei (Gordon Liu) for training.

Pai Mei is a fantastic character, if you sit near someone who comments on the cheesy zooms, the poor grainy quality of the print, the funky music, mentally give them a bit of a slap - that's all intentional and great fun.

We then return to the present, and to the Bride, and we see how she escapes (which the Pai Mei sequence justified). She seems to heal a little fast though... the whole sequence of Uma's tricky position and her escape is rather reminiscent of the start of 'Buffy' season six.

Meanwhile, Bud has summoned Elle in order to sell her The Bride's Hanzo sword. (Hanzo was the Sonny Chiba character who made The Bride's sword). Sufficed to say that neither make it out alive (though Elle isn't seen to die, her survival is unlikely given her circumstances).

The Bride then heads for Bill... there are some touching sequences here, even for a hardened and cynical filmgoer type like me. The child chosen to play BB was absolutely fantastic, an excellent choice. Child actors are SO hard to get right, but this girl was perfect.

...and then The Bride tries to Kill Bill.....