'Fellowship of the Ring' and 'The Two Towers'

Last night I went to see Fellowship and Two Towers at the cinema again. Nice to see them on the big screen, though they did not seem to be the extended versions.

I did notice a few things. For example, at the end of Fellowship, when Boromir was dying, Aragorn runs over to him and one of the dead Uruk-hai starts to get up.

The bit where Legolas leaps to the horse which everyone seems lo love still doesn't do it for me, it looks fake (which it is, of course) - and the comic relief elements of Gimli still seem overdone (but less so than they did at first viewing).

Gollum, of course, is wonderful - a bit of a shame that they didn't re-render the fellowship scenes with the Two Towers Gollum, but I suppose the law of diminishing returns hits there. Andy Serkis was robbed when they handed out the Oscars.

I hope they can do The Hobbit whilst Ian Holm is still young enough! It'd be so nice to see the ring finding scene slotted in there.