You're Only Supposed to blow the Bloody Doors Off!

Apple have put up the new trailer for The Italian Job remake with Seth Green (Oz in Buffy, he appears in season 2 which is available in the UK and also in the US), Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron and Ed Norton of Fight Club fame (UK/US).

The new film is set in Los Angeles (rather than Italy), which seems to undermine the basic premise somewhat. On the positive side, the mini is much in evidence.

The DVD of the original starring Michael Caine is well worth a look, though on they have the cheek to call it 'a little known cult caper'. It's not little known! Heck, even Corgi are cashing in! There is also a game available for PC and Playstation.

Hang on a minute lads.... I've got a great idea.... err.... er...