April Fools

With today being April Fool's Day, I thought I'd spend a little time seeking out the inevitable April Fool's Jokes. I expect them to be pretty few and far between, not expecting many on the news sites due to the international situation. Some of these links may disappear in time.

Anyway, first up is Newcode, a language in which it is impossible to express code which contains security violations. There is also the annual Joey Skaggs April Fools' Parade (here is a review of the 2002 Parade).

DALNet has been taken over by Hello Kitty

Backfire did a rather nice one about paying back hackers. I wanted to get to the payoff page, so I went through the motions.

Paul McCartney is to play for the Pope in a concert. 'I think he might try to get the Pope join in a duet, if he's not too tired.'

The Motley Fool have posted an article about their Candlestick Rolling Accumulation Predictor. Note the acronym.

There is a new internet standard, RFC3514, in this standard, any data packets which have evil intent should have their evil bit set in order to make their filtering easier.

The BBC have put up a spoof about annoying Mobile Phone use,and George Foreman has released the iGrill.

The top 100 April Fools' gags of all time are online. Let's finish up with an article about lying persuasively.