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Six Nations 2010 – Match 14 – Ireland vs. Scotland

The Centenary Quaich (pronounced Quake) is contested annually between Ireland and Scotland since 1989. To date, Scotland have won the Quaich 11 times to Ireland’s 9, though the sides have met some 121 times with Scotland winning 63 to Ireland’s 54 (5 draws).

In 2009, Ireland held on the the Quaich, having held it since 2002.

In this match, Scotland were playing to avoid the wooden spoon, having lost three and drawn one game. Scotland were 1 point away from fifth place. Should Scotland win, Italy would get the wooden spoon.

Ireland had a mathematical possibility of winning the championship, but they need a good margin and for England to bear France (ideally by a good margin). Assuming England and Ireland win, Ireland need the combined margin of the two teams to be something like 50 points to surpass France – this makes France near to a dead certainty for the championship. Before the match, Coral were offering odds of 16:1 against for Ireland to win overall, and 100:1 on for France to win overall. It looked unlikely.

Kickoff was at 5pm.

Both Scotland and Ireland made early attacks with Kaplan being pinged for not rolling away, Scotland opened the scoring. 0-3.

In the 11th minute, Sexton came past D’Arcy to collect a pass and then passed to O’Driscoll, who duly scored. A lovely piece of work. Sexton converted. 7-3

Almost immediately, Scotland had a reply in the form of a superb sequence of play down the left wing, each player drawing in tacklers before offloading. Beattie had the ball at the crucial point and placed it over the line. Dan Parks failed to convert, so the score was 7-8.

There the score stayed until the 36th minute, Ireland was pinged for not rolling away, and Dan Parks earned three points. 7-11.

In the 40th minute Scottish pressure gave Dan Parks the room for a drop goal, which was duly kicked over. 7-14 at half time.

The second half began with some penalties, Scotland, then Ireland. 10-17.

The first major score came from Bowe in the 65th minute. Sustained Irish pressure drew in Scottish defenders, eventually Tommy Bowe saw enough of a gap and made for the line, stretching as he was tackled to place the ball. The conversion equalised. 17-17.

The game was decided on kicks, first Scotland, then Ireland. 20-20.

In the dying minutes of the game, Scotland won a penalty. Dan Parks kicked the ball, Scottish players chased it, and Rob Carney held onto the ball, conceding a penalty. The Irish crowd at Stoke Park were unsporting at this point, and began booing and whistling, not good. Dan Parks kicked sweetly, and at 79 minutes Scotland were three points up, 20-23. There the score would remain. The restart was made with 50 seconds on the clock. Ireland were not to make a last second score.

This result confirms Italy with the wooden spoon, and means that France has won the tournament, though the Grand Slam is still to play for. Nobody wins the triple crown.

Scotland have won in Ireland for the first time since 1998, and Ireland’s last match at Croke Park ends with a loss.

The match between France and England would be played for bragging rights.

Team P W D L F A PTS
1 France 4 4 0 0 123 59 8
2 Ireland 5 3 0 2 106 95 6
3 England 4 2 1 1 78 64 5
4 Wales 5 2 0 3 113 117 4
5 Scotland 5 1 1 3 83 100 3
6 Italy 5 1 0 4 69 137 2
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Six Nations Trophies – 2010 – Day 1

Last year I wrote a useful (to me) post about the six nations trophies, and I thought it’d be good to revisit this.

The Six Nations (formerly Five nations, formerly Home Nations) is played annually between England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland (the Home Nations), France (making up the Five Nations) and Italy (the Sixth Nation).

In each game, there are 2 points for winning, 1 for a draw, 0 for losing. 10 points is the Grand Slam, to get 10 points a team must win every game. Last year, Ireland won the ‘Grand Slam’.

Along the way, there are several other trophies to be won.

  • The Triple Crown isn’t won every year. England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales compete for this – and the winner must beat the three others. If a home nation wins the Grand Slam, they will have won this along the way. Ireland holds this.
  • The Millennium Trophy goes to the winner of England vs. Ireland. Ireland hold this trophy.
  • The Calcutta Cup is awarded to the winner of England vs. Scotland. England hold this cup.
  • The Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy goes to the winner of France vs. Italy. France hold this trophy.
  • The Centenary Quaich goes to the winner of Ireland vs. Scotland, Quaich is a gallic word for ‘a drinking vessel’. Ireland are the holders of this.
  • The team that finishes in last place gets the ‘wooden spoon’. Italy are the holders of the wooden spoon (there isn’t an actual spoon!) Wooden spoon is the name given to the charity that supporters formed to help good causes following one year when England ‘won’ the wooden spoon.
  • If a team loses ALL their games, it’s a whitewash. Italy got both the whitewash and wooden spoon last year

As I write, we’ve had two games. Who is still in contention for each of the trophies?

Grand Slam
Still Available to England, France, Scotland and Ireland. Wales and Italy have lost their opportunity.
The Triple Crown
Still Available to England, Scotland and Ireland. Wales have lost their opportunity.
The Millennium Trophy
England and Ireland decide this on the 27th February
Calcutta Cup
Scotland and England decide this on the 13th March
Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy
France and Italy decide this on the 14th March
Centenary Quaich
Scotland and Ireland decide this on the 20th March
Wooden spoon
No team is safe from the wooden spoon
France, Scotland, Wales and Italy are still in contention for the Whitewash. England and Ireland having both won a game will no longer suffer the ignomy of a whitewash. One of France or Scotland will avoid that fate today.

Six Nations 2009 – Week 1

Today, we see the start of this year’s Six Nations 2009 contest.

The Six Nations (formerly Five nations, formerly Home Nations) is played annually between England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland (the Home Nations), France (making up the Five Nations) and Italy (the Sixth Nation).
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Six Nations 2008

So, Everyone gets something…

Wales get the Grand Slam, the championship and Bragging Rights (as do Wasps, as Wales did it with Warren and Shaun)

England get second place, and the Millennium Trophy for beating Ireland today (I was there). We also got to see Danny Cipriani’s first game, and he was good – as Wasps knew he would… be.

France get the Giuseppe Garibaldi trophy for beating Italy (can all Italy games have a trophy at stake, please? That seems like an easy option to get a trophy in the short term… unless you’re Scottish)

Ireland get the Centenary Quaich trophy for beating Scotland.

Scotland get the Calcutta Cup for beating England (in a game that caused me to fall asleep – but well done to Scotland)

Italy get a wooden spoon.

Nobody gets whitewash.

Everyone has something… and Italy can use their trophy for making nice meals. Bonus.