WordPress 2.2

WordPress has been updated to version 2.2. With this in mind I will changed the layout of this site in order to remove all of my customisations and have a ‘clean’ install. I’ll change over at some point in the next few days, and will then gradually recustomise once I’m happy with how 2.2 does things differently. (E.g. widgets)

If I break anything, please let me know!

About Murk

I'm interested in a range of things, from science and computers, to history and creative stuff. I'm leaving a lot out. My problem is time. As a result, murky.org, flits around from topic to topic as my interest is piqued. It's all tagged though - so it should be easy to find other posts of mine on similar topics - do give the RSS feed a try, and I welcome, nay, I crave comments on articles.

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