I’ve begun the process of moving a sub-blog into the main blog as a sub archive. I’ve imported the posts already, and will now need to go through and check that all is well in terms of images etc (I can almost guarantee it won’t be).

Once I’ve fixed whatever needs fixing, I shall be redirecting the RSS feeds for the sub-blog to the CATEGORY feed of the new section. This should be seamless for folks reading cryptography – though they may get a one-off glitch of old posts appearing as new when it changes over.

People reading the main blog might get a few extra posts on cryptography (you can always sub to category feeds if you don’t like this!) There won’t be many though, as I’ve been all cryptography’d out for a while.

Update: Everything looks good, too good. It turns out that my bad habit of absolute links has saved me. No biggie at the moment, but at some point I really must put that to rights. The feeds have been redirected, and if you’re reading this via an old crypto feed then all is well. You will continue to see crypto stuff only (but a full feed, which includes crypto stuff) is available. The reason for this change was that most of my posts have been non-crypto of late and the crypto part was ‘out of sight, out of mind’…. now it is back ‘in sight’.

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I'm interested in a range of things, from science and computers, to history and creative stuff. I'm leaving a lot out. My problem is time. As a result,, flits around from topic to topic as my interest is piqued. It's all tagged though - so it should be easy to find other posts of mine on similar topics - do give the RSS feed a try, and I welcome, nay, I crave comments on articles.

4 thoughts on “Cryptography

  1. hello, i am sophie and i am from belgium, antwerpen. I think i ‘m alredy in love with cryptography! It ‘s so interesting! Anyway, i was wondering about this: Are there any scools in Flanders (the nord part of belgium) where you can follow cryptographic lessons? My English is quit well, so translating to Dutch is absolutly no problem.

    With the best belgian greets, Sophie (thirteen jears old)

    (Sophie, I have no way to know – sorry…. you might ask your teachers if they could find out some way to fit it into the work…. It could fit into various subjects, obvious examples are maths and history. E.g. if you do a project about world war 2, you could look at how the SOE (the British ‘Special Operations Executive’) used crytography, a good reference is ‘Between Silk and Cyanide‘. Your English is really good, by the way – there are a few spelling errors, and only one major grammatical error ‘My English is quite good’ is what you should have said. Having said that, considering I only know how to count to three and ask for beer in Flemish, you’re beating me hands down! – Murk)

  2. Sophie,

    What kind of courses are you exactly looking for? We do have some cryptographic courses here at the university of Leuven that anyone’s free to follow (even though you would stand out quite a bit, because of your age), but I’m afraid that they might be somewhat too difficult. If you can give me an idea of what you’re expecting, I might be able to help you.
    Feel free to contact me by email; you can find it by clicking on my name below this post.

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